"Lightning Horse" Wool Blanket

  • Emulating the breathtaking colors of the Montana skies, this stunning wool pays tribute to the vibrant Plains Indian Horse culture.

    The first horse that came to the Blackfeet (Piikani) became known as the Elk Dog, revolutionizing the way we were able to hunt and becoming an integral part of everyday life on the Plains. Here, the horses are painted as they would have been before going on a hunt, raid, or into battle - with circles above their eyes to make them see farther and lightning on their bodies to make them run faster.

    Being a member of the Piikani band of the Blackfoot Confederacy, it was important to me to represent the horse on my first wool blanket. It's still such a major part of our lives on the Plains today - the Plains Indian horse culture is alive and well!

    • 2-sided design
    • Covers a Queen Size bed (200 cm x 150 cm)
    • Microsuede Edge Band
    • 100% New Zealand Wool
    • Designed by John Pepion (Blackfeet)
    • Imported
    • Dry Clean
  • John Pepion is a Plains Indian Graphic artist from the Piikani Band of the Blackfoot Confederacy. He is based out of the Blackfeet reservation in north-central Montana, where the Rocky Mountains meet the plains. John is best known for his ledger art, an art tradition that developed in Plains tribes as the buffalo hide they traditionally used for painting became scarce, and they were forced to adapt to making artwork on the ledger paper from accounting books. He comes from a family of artists, and ledger art has been in his family for hundreds of years.

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    • Recommended care is Dry Clean Only. However, you can rinse your blanket on a gentle, cold setting. Hang dry away from direct sunlight.
    • Clean liquid stains immediately with warm water and mild detergent.
    • Never use harsh chemicals or scrub wool.
    • Store blanket away from direct sunlight.